ProRail warns against 'track dive'

ProRail warns against 'track dive'

World August 28, 2017 13:30

utrecht - Railway ProRail has warned students in a letter to 250 schools near the Amsterdam-Eindhoven railroad track for increasing train traffic.

Students should now be able to leave home a bit earlier, and they should 'do not go crazy things' when considering, such as 'track dive'. In this latter case, youngsters try to slip through the closed tracks.

NS and ProRail will test a 10-minute timetable as from Wednesday 6 September, leaving six intercity per hour between major stations on the Eindhoven-Amsterdam line. This will always happen on Wednesday, ahead of the new timetable as of December. The considerations are therefore closed more often or longer than usual.

In a letter, ProRail requested schools to pay attention to safety during the lesson. The railway operator provides training packages and is willing to provide guest lessons.

For some busy considerations, traffic controllers are posted.

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