Proposal goes wrong: Child surprise egg stuck in vagina woman

Proposal goes wrong: Child surprise egg stuck in vagina woman

World July 11, 2018 12:12

asmterdam - A romantic proposal went something different than planned, when a woman appeared in the hospital with a Kinder surprise egg in her vagina. A former doctor describes the bizarre incident in his book.

In the book 'Confessions Of A Junior Doctor', former doctor Adam Kay describes stories about his time in the hospital. One of these stories was very special...

The woman, who obviously is not called by her real name, wanted to take matters into her own hands and ask her friend to marry.

It seemed like a romantic idea to buy a Kinder surprise egg, to put the ring in it and insert it into her vagina. So said, done that way. The plan did not seem very difficult. She would initiate sex with her partner, after which he would discover the egg and she would go on one knee.

It only went slightly different. The egg was inserted vertically but had shifted and got stuck horizontally. The woman had to go to the hospital to have it removed.

Whether the proposal is finally resumed at another time is not clear.

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