Professor: 'Xi wants to become a new Mao Zedong'

Professor: 'Xi wants to become a new Mao Zedong'

World February 25, 2018 19:24

beijing - Xi Jinping may remain President of China until his death. The Communist Party wants to delete the provision in the constitution that states that a leader can only serve two five-year terms, as was announced yesterday.

With that, Xi has once again increased its power in the Asian superpower. He has been the big man of China for five years, and he could remain under the current legislation up to and including the year 2023. His predecessors Hu Jintao and Jiang Zemin were forced to resign after two terms.

Some experts assume that, if his health permits, he will remain leader until 2033. Then he would be almost 80 years old. 'I think he wants to become emperor for life, the Mao Zedong of the 21st century,' said Willy Lam, professor of political science at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, against the AFP news agency.

The central committee, the most powerful party organ, discusses the proposal from today in a three-day meeting, after which the parliament will later confirm it with a stamp. The amendment to the constitution will therefore almost certainly come. Xi will be officially appointed for a second term at the beginning of March.

The 'ideas about socialism with Chinese kermerken' by Xi are also included in the charter of the party. That is an exceptional honor, which previously only fell to Mao.

Furthermore, the party intends to make a new anti-corruption committee a state body, making the fight against fraud and bribery even more important in the country.

Xi repeated at the weekend to want to build a 'moderately prosperous society', in order to revive the old glory time- of the empire. Critics especially emphasize that since Xi is in power, the Asian country has quickly gone downhill when it comes to democracy and human rights.

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