Process December murders Suriname back on the roll

World November 30, 2017 06:42

paramaribo - The criminal proceedings about the December murders in Suriname continues on Thursday. It is the fifth session at which the prosecutor, auditor-soldier Roy Elgin, can demand sentences against suspects. He can also ask for acquittal.

The prosecutor speaks of eight suspects on Thursday. At the beginning of the trial, ten years ago, there were 25 suspects. Elgin already gave a sentence to eleven suspects at previous sessions in June and October. Four other suspects have since died and two people are being brought before a separate court case.

Six suspects, including prime suspect Desi Bouterse, who is now the president of Suriname, heard the maximum sentence of twenty years against him. The prosecutor accuses them of involvement in the murder of fifteen opponents of the military regime of the then army leader Bouterse in December 1982.

Another suspect, Ruben Rozendaal, expressed regret earlier. The prosecutor therefore demanded only ten years in prison. The lawyers of the suspects will have the opportunity to respond to the sentence requirements at the end of January. Then it is up to the judge to pronounce a verdict. The suspects can still lodge an appeal against this.

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