Prisoner comes 90 years too early free

Prisoner comes 90 years too early free

World December 22, 2016 11:33

denver - He was sentenced to a sentence of 98 years, but by mistake the American Rene Lima-Marin was allowed after eight years already left prison. He then improved his life, started a family and got a permanent job. When the attack came, he was, however, firmly put back.

The 38-year-old Rene Lima-Marin was convicted in 2000 for armed robbery of two video stores in Denver. He received multiple punishments for the robbery, kidnapping and burglary he had to sit out of the court after the other. However, an employee of the court noted that the sentences could be served simultaneously.

So it could happen that Lima-Marin in 2008 was again a free man. Only in 2014, when he had confidently a whole new life, the error was noted.

Wednesday Lima-Marin asked the court to release him again. In tears, he promised that he has reformed his life. 'I hoorbij to be my family. I need them and lead guides and I snatched them, 'he said, according to the Guardian. 'I was a stupid child who has made a mistake. '

Remarkably, the same error was made by the friend with whom Lima-Marin committed the robberies. But that came to light much earlier, because he had lodged appeals against his conviction. He is now in a sentence of 98 years. Lima-Marin also appealed, but decided to withdraw at the last minute.

According to prosecutors Lima-Marin knew of the mistake and he never said anything about.\n  \n  \n   advertisement

The judge will later rule on the case.

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