Print app as rescue Paper

Print app as rescue Paper

Tech June 29, 2016 08:24

amsterdam - Digitization does not dislodge prints. It prints more than ever. But of higher quality, and instead of a few thousand now prints each time. The Dutch cloud print platform benefits Peecho.

Meanwhile serves Peecho, founded in 2009, over 8000 sites have print button installed and luxury print jobs worldwide sent over the Dutch company.,, There may be accounts of 150 companies and entities who a week, 'co-founder Martijn Groot typifies the growth. Worldwide, 35 connected large print companies, half of the turnover comes from the United States.

Among the customers are small publishers, but also the National Museum for its museum catalogs, architects with building design and fashion magazines. Many young people via Peecho their own glossy photo.
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Behind the print button is a simple option to order and pay. With a few steps in the free program a customer orders products. This simplicity led three consecutive years to 100% increase in turnover.,, This year the same. Print is dead anyway, 'he jokes cynical. However, the market has totally changed.,, Four out of five people ordering a single print via the button. '

Great thought Sander Nagetaal digital print button, which had become as common as the like button on Facebook. The start-up was a success. The founders received additional capital and were further distinguished by printing as a service, no longer to sell a stack of printed matter.

Nagtegaal and Great acknowledge that Peecho no flare. With advent of parties such as ABN Amro, Deloitte and ING as customers looked the advance sure. Until it appeared that by internal interests,, could not get hold of, 'said Groot.,, Annoying, but a lesson as an entrepreneur. We have twice passed through the bottom of our greenhouse. And continued. '

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