'Preview: AirPods'

'Preview: AirPods'

Tech September 19, 2016 23:18

- "The iPhone 7 Plus 7 and have no opening for a traditional headphones. Yes, Apple delivers An adapter in to your beloved device still be able to use, but the company all the way to wireless. This is clear from the latest product to the end of October in the shops: the AirPods."

"N. B. This article is emphatically not a final review. The AirPods made available by Apple are an early version of the hardware as they will be in late October in stores. It is then also possible that the ultimate product is still in certain areas will be different than the version tested."

"Anyone who ever goes in public, knows the white earbuds Apple, also called earpods. The AirPods are nothing more than the wireless variant thereof. At least, at first sight, because under the \"hood\" is more going on.\n  \n    \n     \n      \n        1:53\n      \n     Lower Turk goes loose on harassing vloggers\n     \n     \n      \n        3:57\n      \n     Rotten vs. vloggers \"limit is reached\"\n     \n     \n      \n        4:56\n      \n     BOD is about (pigs) appear"

"The wireless earbud design is very striking. Take earplugs earpods, loosen the plastic stems slightly longer and cut the wires off and voila: AirPods. The bottom of the stalks are microphones that getelefooneerd may be, but of course voice assistant Siri also to speak. Its quality is surprisingly good: is in any AirPod also a second microphone that picks up ambient noise, after which it is filtered."

"Then the earbuds themselves. It is difficult for me to give a good judgment on the form, because the earpods in my ears never really great. It feels constant or they have something to hang loose in it, but when I push deeper into my ears, it goes just feel uncomfortable. Anyway, each pair of ears is unique and there are literally thousands of people in the Netherlands around the traditional earpods, so this may be pure to me situated. It made sure in any case that I constantly push the earplugs which jerked, because yeah, there's no cord between the two and if you lose one, you have a problem."

"The AirPods come with a hard plastic case, which includes a battery. Whenever you the caps do this, they are so charged. The AirPods go, fully charged, about five hours with it, but are taken in combination with the battery in the case is 24 hours. The case is otherwise recharge with a Lightning cable.\n  \n  \n   advertisement"

"So far nothing very spectacular but the fun begins when they first connects a device. Although AirPods use bluetooth, Apple has built a special chip W1. This ensures, among other things, that they literally to pair with a motion with all devices where you are with your iCloud account login. All you have to do is open the cover next to an iPhone or iPad, and then asked if you want to pair the headset to the device's screen within a few seconds. Press 'connect' and are using them right away. And I do not mean just on your iPhone, but also on your iPad or Mac- provided they are equipped with the latest versions of their operating systems."

"The earbuds commonly change audio source itself. That is, if you're in the AirPods- and thanks to sensors that they \"marks\"- they automatically connect to the device in the area where is currently being played on anything, whether it's now audio or video. Manual switching is also easy, the AirPods are reproduced in the Bluetooth menu of all paired devices."

"This convenience is simply amazing. Thé reason I personally never switched to a Bluetooth headset, because my headphones during the day with various appliances use. With traditional wireless headphones remained enormously make do: linking and unlinking is such an annoying pastime! Apple has solved this in one fell swoop, though there is of course a small snag. The AirPods work fine as bluetooth headset with other devices, but the simple coupling and switch works only with Apple gadgets."

"While listening, it is possible to call up Siri by tapping twice on a AirPod. The idea is that allows you to pause the music, you can request a song or of course you perform a search. Personally I would have preferred that tapping for example, three times (or another command) a number can be beaten, but that option is not there. The only thing that is to be fit, is the ability to call up with a double tap to pause the audio instead of Siri."

"After all, I had just been on the AirPods have gone through when they are placed in the ears. By one to get out of the ear, the music is automatically paused. Incidentally, it is possible to listen with one ear bud and the function can simply be switched off."

"I was once hit a snag. During dinner I had the earplugs in and by the movements of my jaw thought the caps that I had done out. Anyway, the Pods I tested were not yet final versions of the hardware, so you may still working here."

"Then of course the most important element of headphones: the sound. This is surprisingly good. Granted, there are to get better options for the price (€ 179), but it is quite doable. The sound is fairly balanced, though it happens that the bass a little too violently come through in songs where it is not really necessary."

"Nevertheless made the sound of the AirPods impression on me because I was mostly afraid that they would sound as if the traditional earpods, which to my house always disappear immediately into a drawer and only reappear when my regular headphones are broken."

"The AirPods are in terms of sound or fit no revolutionary earplugs, but I can forgive Apple's fine. The ease with which introduces the W1-chip with respect to the coupling and exchange between different (Apple) devices, makes it stick out in terms of convenience, towering above the competition. Hopefully thinks the company to release licenses on this chip, so other manufacturers can enjoy the same benefits."

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