Presents under the € 100

Presents under the € 100

Tech November 27, 2015 14:00

- CONTEST : Sinterklaas is upon us and Christmas is approaching. Hard times for many. We have some great gift ideas selected by a maximum value of one hundred euro. And we can also play Santa Claus. Tell us which of the following gifts at the top of your list and maybe get it from us.

Chromecast Audio (€ 39)                                                                                                                                                          With the new Google Chrome Cast Audio change your old stereo or amplifier in a modern device. The dongle you can easily connect to the auxiliary input device. You can then via wifi music, radio and podcasts from smartphone or tablet to stream to the existing speakers. It is also possible to set in a multi-room system by providing more speakers in home of a Chromecast audio. Fitbit Zip (€ 55)                                                                                                                                                          After the month of December, many people have the good intention to eat less and exercise more. A pedometer can be an extra incentive to train. Many activities trackers are hidden in bracelets or watches. Not everyone likes it something to wear the wrist. The Fitbit Zip you just throw it in your bag or wear it on your belt. The device counts steps and records calories burned and distance walked. Gigaset G-tag (€ 20)                                                                                                                                                          Where are my keys, where's my purse where I parked the car? We spend a lot of time daily to search for all sorts of things. With the G-tag of Gigaset, you can save time. This Bluetooth beacon get onto an object of your choice, after which you can locate it via the smartphone app. However, the smartphone must be within a range of 30 meters from the object to look for. JBL GO (€ 30)                                                                                                                                         Photo: JBL                                          With a wireless bluetooth speaker lets you enjoy music almost anywhere via smartphone or tablet. JBL Go has a compact format and is available in eight different colors. The music can be either via bluetooth or via a cable streamed. The device can be used as a speakerphone. The battery lasts up to five hours. Skullcandy Grind (from € 50)                                                                                                                                         Photo: Skullcandy                                          The Grind is the latest headphones from Skullcandy. The design is simple but cool. The device has only one button on the top of the left shell. This button lets you pause through music, skip tracks and record a telephone conversation. To make calls audible with the grind is in the left shell also incorporates a microphone. The headphones are available in various prints and colors and, not unimportant, good sound with solid bass. A-solar Power Bank Xtorm Free 15 000 (€ 79)                                                                                                                                                          Nothing more frustrating than having a blank smartphone and no way to charge it. The Xtorm Power Bank Free happen to you not the scenario above. This cell battery offers a 15000mAh battery. Enough to fully charge a tablet. In addition, there can be three mobile devices to be recharged at the same time. So you along the way not only to charge your smartphone, but also those of your traveling companion. With an LED indicator shows how much power is still available. Jawbone UP2 (from € 99)                                                                                                                                                          Live healthier and exercise more. We all want it, but the motivation is sometimes hard to find. The UP2 wristband of Jawbone can just give that extra push in the right direction. The strap keeps track of how much you exercise a day, how much you sleep and how many calories you burn. In the accompanying app lets you set personal goals and get handed tips to achieve this. Cool Blue, we can give away two copies. Lego Dimensions (€ 99.99)                                                                                                                                         Photo: Warner                                          In Lego Dimensions allowed yourself familiar with the cubes and the manual, the puppets and put the game portal in another. Gandalf, Batman and Wyldstyle (known from The Lego Movie) must solve the mystery surrounding the disappearance of their colleagues. Besides the basic game, there are packages available from Back to the Future, Doctor Who and The Simpsons. Star Wars: Battlefront (€ 60)                                                                                                                                                          Who has not dreamed of to fight the epic battles from the Star Wars series for the glory? In Star Wars: Battlefront can. The game takes the formula of the Battlefield series and throws there a Star Wars-sauce over it. Continue on foot to battle, or climb into a AT-AT-tank or an X-Wing and belaag your enemies on the way! Disney Infinity 3. 0 (€ 45)                                                                                                                                         Photo: Disney                                          Star Wars is also central to Disney Infinity 0. 3. Go on an adventure with old acquaintances like Yoda, Han Solo and Princess Leia or get to know the new faces of the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But you can also get to work with Disney and Marvel figures, such as Mickey Mouse, Ultron and the emotions from the animated Inside Out. What can you win we must play for Santa Claus and give the following way: 3 x Chromecast Audio, 3 x Fitbit Zip, 6 x Gigaset G tag, 5 x JBL GO, 5 x Skullcandy the grind, 3 x Xtorm Power Bank Free and 2 x Jawbone UP2. At the games, we have the following prices: 3 x Star Wars: Battlefront 2 x Lego Dimensions-starter kits with extra dolls, 2 x Disney Infinity 3. 0-starter kits with figurines of Darth Maul and Minnie Mouse and as a consolation prize 1 x Disney Infinity 2 0 package with four dolls. Want to win one of the above products? Click here for the submission form and fill it in before Wednesday December 2nd.

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