Premier Belgium : concrete indication attack

Premier Belgium : concrete indication attack

World November 21, 2015 12:58

- The prime minister of Belgium, Charles Michel, on Saturday said that there are factual indications that an attack in Belgium.

He responded by raising the threat level in the Brussels region of 3 to 4, the highest level. Where the threat is coming from, Michel did not say. The threat, according to the prime minister focused on shopping, public transport and in general events where a lot of people to come down.

The government has adopted four measures: the cancellation of major events, the shutdown of the underground movement and more police and soldiers on the streets. Finally there is a phone number opens where locals can get information and advice.

The measures apply according to Michel for the time being until Sunday afternoon. Then make anti-terror department OCAD a new assessment of the veiligheidsssituatie and comes again the Belgian Security Council meeting. In it have except the Prime Minister, the Ministers of Interior, Justice, Defence and Foreign Affairs.

The Belgian Coordination Unit for Threat Analysis (OCAD) advised people in the night from Friday to Saturday to take safety measures. They have to places where many people gather, such as concerts, stations, airports and avoid crowded shopping. The population should respect security and spread rumors, but only information from governments and police.

Overview shut down operations

In the Flemish parliament in Brussels, all activities are canceled on Saturday due to the threat level. The visitor center of the European Parliament, the Parlamentarium will remain closed Saturday.

A major attraction in the Belgian capital, the Atomium, Saturday also will not open in connection with the proclamation of the highest terror alert. That was eight years ago for the last of power in Brussels.

The Vrije Universiteit Brussel has canceled all classes and events on their campuses. Various musical events are canceled. Also all the hockey games were canceled.

Metro traffic has completely stopped, but the trams and buses run well. At Schuman railway station, the center of the European institutions to stop any trains.

Air traffic at Zaventem, Brussels airport, yet it runs Saturday as planned. Brussels Airport temporarily take any additional measures.

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