'Possible fire on board MH370'

'Possible fire on board MH370'

World September 19, 2016 21:09

- "New debris, which may come from flight MH370 Malaysia Airlines are found off Madagascar. The pieces are obvious traces of view combustion."

"If the pieces are from the device disappeared in March 2014, it is clear that the device was on fire before it crashed into the sea. Unclear still remains whether the fire is the cause of the crash, or that the fire arose only after things went wrong."

"Amateur researcher Blaine Gibson, who has taken on the task to unravel the mystery behind the disappearance, has certainly found thirteen possible wreckage. In total, 27 were found. were 239 people on board.\n  \n    \n     \n      \n        0:41\n      \n     New images: Hillary falters\n     \n     \n      \n        0:53\n      \n     Man steals from bra 94-year-old woman\n     \n     \n      \n        3:39\n      \n     Spectacular arrest fugitive\n     \n    \n   \n  \n  \n   \n    \n    \n   \n   \n   \n      \n    \n    \n   \n     Photo: Airline Ratings / Youtube"

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