Poppy sacred in England

Poppy sacred in England

World November 2, 2015 01:00

london - Poor Sienna Miller. British actress dared to appear on British television without pins a poppy on her dress. It is a form of sacrilege that is not forgiven by many of her compatriots. ' Disrespectful ' chants tabloid The Sun for example, and on Twitter, many say it after the newspaper.

The poppy is a form of respect for deceased British soldiers. The paper clips are massively sold in anticipation 'Remembrance Day', the British Remembrance Day to be held on November 11, the day World War I ended. Initially, it was used to wear a poppy on the day itself, a reference to at every Briton known poem about the battle. Gradually the term to wear such a poppy grown longer. Want a Brit not the scorn of his countrymen on themselves, then he or she to be well on the poppy pins from the moment they are massively sold, now a month before the commemoration itself. LabourHet wearing the poppy is not just a dilemma for Sienna Miller, who thought it would clash with her light pink dress. Even Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has trouble wearing the badge. In the past, he chose a white poppy, thereby giving support to the killed soldiers, but without making concessions to his pacifist character. Last Wednesday Corbyn during question time with Prime Minister Cameron- for weeks with poppy- nonetheless broke down and he had behaved a red poppy pinned. But the British vice squad has found another stick with which to beat Corbyn. He turns past year have been expressed disgust over the 'costly' activities related to the commemoration of the then began a century ago First World War. Corbyn has one consolation. With his 'bad' behavior, he has probably never been in more pleasant company than with the charming Sienna Miller.

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