Pond collapses after 'no deal' threat May

Pond collapses after 'no deal' threat May

World September 21, 2018 14:32

- Premier May has threatened with harsh words not to make an agreement with the European Union about a Brexit. She demands a new proposal from Brussels, which is not flexible and would show too little respect for the British referendum result to leave the EU.

If necessary, there is no regulation for the departure of the British, May threatened again. 'There is a need for alternatives about the

In response, the British pound against the euro and the dollar declined by 1.35% after a decline in the morning.

The financial markets demanded a statement from Downing Street 10 after the blockade of both Brussels and May's cabinet during consultations in Salzburg in recent days.

A problem remains the border between the EU and the United Kingdom in Northern Ireland. Once again, May reported that Northern Ireland can never remain in the European Union, but in Ireland there are fears of major problems if a hard line is drawn after years of soldiers on the border between Northern Ireland and the rest of Ireland.

'We will never accept a proposal that threatens the integrity of our country,' said May. Just as well, says May, the EU will not allow the band of the euro countries to be broken.

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