Politically angry with Booking.com

Politically angry with Booking.com

World August 1, 2017 11:27

amsterdam - An action of Booking.com site to recruit new holiday home owners has led to bad reactions from D66 and the SP in Amsterdam. Both parties find that the company Amsterdammers is engaged in the illegal rental of housing.

The company has been spreading bicycle saddle cases for a while, with the text, 'start earning today'. Booking. Com, the Amsterdam homeowner estimates that an average of 583 euros per week can be gained with housing rental.

According to Reinier van Dantzig, group chairman of D66, Booking points. Com is on residents of student premises and this is not allowed to him. In addition, the mediator should not have known the potential for renting out to potential landlords.

The company, which holds office in Amsterdam, denies that it is aimed specifically at students.

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