Police save children from online sex network

Police save children from online sex network

World June 21, 2018 09:27

the hague - The Dutch, Australian and Filipino police have removed eighteen Filipino children from an online sex network in recent days. The children, of whom the youngest is five months old, were offered by their families for online abuse.

People who logged into the network let the children abuse on order. Through chat conversations, they indicated what they wanted to see, agreed on a price and could subsequently view the abuse directly via the webcam, according to the police. The costs are on average between 15 and 20 euros.

Among the buyers are also Dutch. The information gathered about them during the investigations was given to the Dutch police. Whether arrests have already been made is not known.

The children could be saved through cooperation between the Filipino, Dutch and Australian police. The Dutch police liaison officer in Manila was involved in five different investigations. It is specifically for combating child sex tourism in the Philippines. An employee of the Team High Tech Crime of the National Unit also worked on the spot.

The investigations led to children being rescued from misuse situations at various places in the country. The police in the north of the Philippines, for example, removed five children from a home offered by their parents and grandparents for online sex shows. The children were between five months and twelve years old.

The Dutch liaison officer in Manilla Farid El Hamouti has been shocked by the ease with which people can buy sex shows. 'It is all very accessible. Both buyers and suppliers seem to find child abuse the most normal thing in the world, 'he says.

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