Police are investigating fake her pregnancy terror suspect

Police are investigating fake her pregnancy terror suspect

World December 23, 2015 15:14

- French police during an investigation into terrorist threats in Montpellier found fake her pregnancy that suggest someone might appear to be pregnant. Police are investigating whether the young lady of the house possible harbored plans to carry out attacks by filling the belly with explosives.

The newspaper Midi Libre reported Wednesday that the 23-year-old Camille is a convert to Islam Frenchwoman, who is married to a Frenchman of Chadian origin. It stated that the 'belly' is for shoplifting and not for terrorism, but police believe none of it.

The woman had received a substantial inheritance. She has no financial problems requiring shoplifting. She even donated money to Islamic radicals.

What the researchers also is concerned that from head to toe veiled Camille Internet has followed the propaganda of Islamic State and keen interest has been shown for female suicide bombers and jihad in Syria. The couple was arrested Monday, according to Midi-Libre.

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