Police are doing a great job for boys with neppistool

Police are doing a great job for boys with neppistool

World July 17, 2017 13:45

bournemouth - Armed officers, a helicopter and a police dog, reportedly reported 'two men, possibly in possession of firearms'. They knew a lot that it was about two boys aged 6 and 8 who were playing on the street with a toy gun.

The fact that the police went on in the British city of Bournemouth was a surprise to Claire Hutchinson. Her son Kasim Ashraf was playing with a neighbor boy with his toy weapon- broken and no noise- and suddenly she saw a police helicopter. 'We thought something had happened. Suddenly there were police cars on the sidewalk and agents rushed out with guns. Until they soon found out that they were playing children, 'she says to Bournemouth Echo.

'One of the agents was very kind to Kasim, he answered many questions from him. 'Said Claire. Kasim now has a dream for later: 'I want to be a policeman. When the police came with all guns and so it was very cool. See, they showed me their helmet and mask and what they used to bend a door. '

It costs the National Police Air Service more than 800 pounds per hour (over 900 euros) to send a police helicopter on it. The police of Dorset are looking at cheaper alternatives for such cases, such as the use of a drone.

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