Plagiaatrel haunts Trump

Plagiaatrel haunts Trump

World July 20, 2016 05:06

cleveland - The plagiaatrel a speech by the wife of Donald Trump, Melania, leading to much frustration among employees of the presidential candidate. The speech was, according to The New York Times to be the highlight of the evening, but brought the candidate just embarrassed.

Trump was expected Tuesday as officially designated as presidential candidate for the Republicans. He took the necessary 1237 delegates he needed to win. The vote was jointly done.

Trump would participate on behalf of the Republicans in the elections was clear. The property magnate was in drag during the primaries of his party more than enough delegates behind him the nomination.
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Opponents of Trump did at the convention an attempt to thwart him by demanding that delegates would be given the freedom to decide which candidate they would support themselves. That plan was eventually to nothing.

Melania Trump gave the offending speech at the convention of Republicans in Cleveland. Excerpts from the speech sometimes seem literally statements that Michelle Obama, wife of the current US president, made during the convention of the Democrats in 2008.

According to the president of the Trump campaign, Paul Manafort, there is no plagiarism. He stressed that Michelle Obama and Melania Trump similarly perceive their family. That would explain the similarities.

An adviser to Trump acknowledged that it probably made mistakes but blamed the one who helped write the speech.,, Melania has certainly nothing to do with it, '' he said.

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