Piquant error Coca Cola: 'Finally honest...'

Piquant error Coca Cola: 'Finally honest...'

World October 16, 2018 05:16

amsterdam - The well-intentioned idea of ​​Coca Cola to come up with a catchy slogan in Maori and English has completely failed.

The original language of New Zealand, the Maori, has a revival. Multinationals eagerly anticipate this: Google has made its website available in the language, Google Maps has made efforts to improve the placeholders and Disney has translated a film into Maori.

The attempt by Coca Cola to identify with New Zealand is failing. The text 'Kia ora, Mate' on top of a vending machine literally means 'Hi, death'. The English term 'mate', or friend, is a common word on the island, but the combination is unfortunate.

Twitter users argue that the sugar-energy giant had a rare moment of honesty, The Guardian noted. 'Coca Cola becomes self-aware?', Someone writes. 'Completely correct', according to another. 'Many residents are indeed dying. '

The latter seems to be a bold statement, but it contains more truth than it seems: New Zealand is worldwide, among the prosperous countries at least, in the top in terms of obesity figures. About 50 percent of adults manage it, eighteen percent of children.

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