Pilot traumaheli plagued by laser

Pilot traumaheli plagued by laser

World June 12, 2017 13:45

enschede - On leaving this weekend in Enschede the pilot of a traumaheli, who rushed to a hospital with a patient, was wearing a laser pen. The steering officer had to mute the landing lights to pursue the flight undisturbed.

It was about the German traumaheli who was following an accident on German territory to the hospital MST in Enschede. Due to the location near the border, it is more common for calamities that the German traumaheli transmits victims to Enschede.

Above the Wesselerbrink district, the pilot was shot with a laser. The airline east of the Netherlands warns alarms and warns that this is dangerous. Flyers can get blinded. In addition, so-called laser radiation can even cause permanent eye damage.

According to MST spokeswoman Lars Wormgoor, it is more common for the pilot of the traumaheli to be blown by laser-like perpetrators. In the case of Sunday evening, it did not lead to delays: 'The pilot solved this by turning off the landing lights, making him more difficult to follow by the perpetrators. '

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