Phishing attack under cover WannaCry

Phishing attack under cover WannaCry

Tech May 22, 2017 13:00

the hague - Not unexpectedly, the large scale attack with the hostage software WannaCry is used for a new phishing attack. The attack was aimed at customers of British telecom provider BT. For that reason, the British internet watchdog warns Action Fraud.

Criminals send an email that appears to be from BT. The mail will be warned for 'Incidents of International Size' and encourage people to click on the link to improve safety measures. The people who click on the link become victims of criminals.

It's not the first time that criminals abuse this kind of news about an earlier attack to mask their own attack. At the same time, it is not unusual for telecoms providers to warn for, for example, WannaCry. According to Security. KPN did this in the Netherlands. It is a sign of the cat and mouse game on the internet.

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