Pharma-bro in cell by Clinton's hair

Pharma-bro in cell by Clinton's hair

World September 14, 2017 05:54

new york - Martin Shkreli was imprisoned in New York on Wednesday night after he had promised money on Facebook for picking her from Hillary Clinton. The former pharmaceutical entrepreneur was already on bail pending another imprisonment sentence.

Shkreli received the nicknames 'Pharma Bro' and 'Hottest Man of America' ​​when, under his rule, the price of a drug for HIV patients became more expensive fifty times. He was found guilty of fraud.

A judge deprived Shkreli Wednesday because he had posted a message on Facebook in which he promised five thousand dollars to the one who clutched her from the former presidential candidate during a Clinton Book Tour. The judge ruled that Shkreli was a public danger and locked him.

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