'Pets in the closet, I'm after it'

World January 14, 2018 18:27

honolulu - A day after the false bomb threat in Hawaii, the Dutch take stock: the 'typical American' panic has passed by our countrymen, although Prescilla (27) almost crawled into the closet, brotherly next to her cats.

She lives on an army base, saw the famous call ('Ballistic missile threat to Hawaii, find a shelter immediately, this is not an exercise') and remained calm. 'There were no sirens, there was no one on the street. You did not even hear cars, 'said Prescilla, who at the urging of her American husband, a soldier, called the emergency number of the army.

'They told us 20 minutes after the call: It is not an exercise! Find a shelter! 'Prescilla decided to take action anyway. 'I had already put my two cats in the closet, and wanted to crawl, but then my husband called. False alarm. '

Before that, a friend had smothered 'I do not know what's going on, but I love you'. In comparison with the reactions of local people, the Dutch turned out to be a lot calmer, as they say at least themselves. 'You can run away, but you have no one with that. You can not do anything, 'says Prescilla.

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