Party in Saudi Arabia? Cell and whiplash

Party in Saudi Arabia? Cell and whiplash

World February 12, 2016 15:35

jeddah - Who in Saudi Arabia holds a party in Western style is mercilessly hard the spool if the police finds out. The authorities have convicted eleven people who had organized a 'mixed' party with lots of booze. The punishment: three hundred lashes.

The revelers (six women and five men) were Saudi, Moroccan and Indian. She recently been awarded organized a party with drink and drugs. When the neighbors had alerted the police, the company knew there were problems to come.

The suspects all go into the cell, the Arab news site Gulf News reported. The penalties range from one month to one year imprisonment. In addition, they all get between eighty and three hundred lashes. An earlier proposal (8 days to 14 months in prison plus fifty to one hundred was qualified by the court as 'too lenient.'

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