Paris seems extinct

Paris seems extinct

World November 15, 2015 17:30

- It is quiet in Paris. The normally so seething metropolis radiates a serene tranquility. The opinion of the French government to keep quiet, is only sparsely in the air beaten. Only at the memorial sites at the Bataclan and the Place de la République is really busy.

The sun warms the Arc de Triomphe. The roundabout around the Parisian icon is normally the nightmare of every novice driver. Not today. Driving there exactly two cars. A little further to the famous Champs Elysees. Despite the closed shops there's people on their feet, but the real buzz remains off. Actually, yesterday the Christmas lights in a festive way to be inflamed. The terrorist attack has not happened, so the party lights that hang useless above the shops. Most trains run well, and are also used.,null, I'm going to my sister ", which tells Paris to hurry to catch the subway.,null, I had already planned, so I'm going to do. No one who keeps me from there. " However, he also notes that it is quieter on the streets.,null, True, there are fewer people outside. But it will come again. That was shortly after the attacks in the Jewish as well as supermarket. " Several hotels experiencing cancellations at the last minute. Fully Booked hotels are suddenly several rooms left.

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