Parents in Beijing clean air requirements

Parents in Beijing clean air requirements

World January 8, 2017 10:24

beijing - The municipality of Beijing has often promised to do something about the terrible smog repeatedly as a blanket falls over the Chinese capital. In recent weeks, they did it again and again. The tops of buildings disappear from sight and the sun does not show itself. Angry parents are now demanding action against the unhealthy situation of their children.

Parents have good reason for concern, because the number of children being literally sick from the polluted air is growing rapidly. They started a campaign to get at least in schools healthy air. A petition was issued within one day's signature up to 500. 000 parents. The municipality responded immediately and will schools and buildings for child equipped with filters to clean the air.

Only a year ago, Beijing refused to go to the same requirement for air filters under the pretext that the electricity systems of the school buildings there were not calculated. This year it may suddenly though.

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