Panic North Korea grows in eastern Asia

Panic North Korea grows in eastern Asia

World April 13, 2017 09:18

pyongyang - The fear is growing rapidly that North Korea really aankoerst a dramatic confrontation with America. According to an organization that follows Pyongyang's nuclear program closely, all preparations are made to fire a missile with nuclear heads.

' Current events indicate that after the past six weeks are taken final preparations for a test, 'said a spokesman for the group of 38 North to CNN. US sources had already reported that a missile with nuclear cargo was loaded in a launcher at the nuclear test site Punggye-ri.

The panic in the eastern part of Asia has been evident in all respects. Some sources report the dictator Kim Jong-un much of Pyongyang now has had to evacuate. Foreign journalists in North Korea can not yet confirm the news.

When the news of the evacutatie be right, everything indicates that there will actually be a confrontation with America, which is on its way to a war fleet to the East China Sea. The residents in the capital would be removed because a US attack is expected after the rocket launch.

President Donald Trump has indicated to strike when Kim goes wrong. The last few days it became clear that China is more and more supports on the side of the US, though President Xi Jinping continues to insist on a peaceful solution. Especially since chaos in neighboring means that a massive influx of refugees can come on stream in China.

China tells the story around that there are now 150 000 soldiers were sent to the border with North Korea. State media report that it 'fake news' is, but it can also prevent the population gets worried the measures.

Beijing would stop the regime requested through diplomatic channels with terminal immediately with preparations, in exchange for protection of the people's republic, which for years was the closest ally of the country, but no barrel seems more to have the crazed Kim.

Pyongyang has said foreign journalists that they must prepare for a big evenenement ', which refers to Saturday, the day that Kim Il-sung, the founder of the state of North Korea, would have been 105 years.

Or is he the press thus says that there is indeed a will or will not nuclear missile will be fired, or that it is a less severe event such as a major military parade is unclear.

South Korea, for years foe of Pyongyang, has let it know to go from being informed by the Americans at the time that a- possibly prevention- attack will take place on the neighbors to the north.

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