Panic by British fighter jets

Panic by British fighter jets

World May 3, 2016 05:49

london - Rapid intervention of British jets have residents of the county Yorkshire convulsions hunted like a glove. Some homes were shaking according to British media on their foundations when the aircraft late Monday night went through the sound barrier, British media reported.

The fighters of the type Typhoon were taken off to intercept an aircraft that did not respond to calls, namely the Air Force left. The contact was finally restored after the device was put safely to the ground.

Action by the Air Force led to great commotion on the ground. When the fighters were going through the sound barrier, caused loud bangs. Then came to the emergency calls from worried residents who claimed to have heard explosions.

Dozens of frightened people took to social media in search of answers.,, Our whole house was shaking and I'm still shaking. What was the explosion in Leeds? '' Wanted to know a woman. According to others would even panes fell.

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