Oppose largest solar park to spin

Oppose largest solar park to spin

World December 4, 2016 15:45

lommel - A spider of about one centimeter threatens plans for the largest solar plant in the Benelux too upset. Belgian nature associations oppose construction of the solar park in Lommel, because the proposed site of rare spring heat pegs life.

The organizations fear that the placement of the solar panels will be beneficial for the habitat of the particular spider, the male specimens with their red abdomen with black dots do have something of ladybugs. They also occur, especially in the Veluwe in The Netherlands.

The employers 'association of Belgian Limburg and the local Chamber of Commerce are particularly annoyed about it ' outrageous green protest'. They point out that the park has just beneficial for the environment because it is such a 25. 000 households can provide clean energy.

Or spiders really suffer from solar panels, is not known. Nevertheless, it is held in the plans take into account the animals. For example, some solar panels ' placed in an ideal position so that the spiders can crawl better. ''

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