Opponents Trump disrupt convention

Opponents Trump disrupt convention

World July 19, 2016 06:03

cleveland - Opponents of Donald Trump on Monday (local time) amok made at the Republican convention in Cleveland. The anti-Trump-camp wished delegates would have the opportunity to support other candidates.

The opponents of Trump demanded a roll call vote on the plan, so that representatives of all States to express their views. The party leaders declared then that there was little support for such a vote. That led to furious reactions. Thus departed include the delegation from Colorado.

Trump is designated formally during the convention as the Republican presidential candidate. The chance that opponents could frustrate him is small, because the real estate magnate during the primaries more than enough delegates got behind him.
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Most speakers at the opening night were well on the hand of the businessman. So his wife Melania Trump praised him profusely as a man who knows how to keep the country safe.,, He is tough when needed, but also friendly ', honest and caring, she told the delegates.

The political archenemy of Trump, Democrats Hillary Clinton, understandably painted a very different picture of the slain dyed Republican presidential candidate. It came during an interview with a long lament about Trump, which they labeled as,, dangerous. '

,, He shows no discipline themselves not in the hand, has no sense and no idea of ​​the constraints that every president himself should impose '' Clinton warned in an interview with CBS News.

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