Oops: New York Times blundered with 'Danish' Prime Minister Rutte

Oops: New York Times blundered with 'Danish' Prime Minister Rutte

World July 3, 2018 11:45

new york - They were not entirely clear about the American newspaper The New York Times. What kind of country does that Rutte come from? The newspaper reports on the visit of Prime Minister Mark Rutte from 'Denmark' to President Donald Trump.

In a photo caption it seemed as if our prime minister was of Danish descent. Shortly after there had apparently been confusion on the editors of the newspaper, the caption quickly changed.

Just a bit too late, because on Twitter you already know. 'I know that we are not a defining country in the world, but that there is really no article in the American media about Ruttes' visit to the White House is really a reality check', writes someone who has some more excitement with American media had expected. Well 'If The New York Times thinks that Mark Rutte is a Dane, I think we should not expect much, no...', another responds.

'Mark Rutte got The New York Times', someone jokes at the photo with the caption before the correction. 'Trump is right with his claim that the New York Times spread fake news. '

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