Online manhunt on 'Ben', who brags about cheating in a train

World December 4, 2017 18:27

- On social media a real manhunt arose on a man who would have been on the train about the fact that he is deceiving his girlfriend. Especially on Twitter has been a message for days of a girl who calls herself Emily.

'If someone has a boyfriend named Ben, who is now on the train between Bournemouth and Manchester, he has just told his friends that he is cheating on you. Dump him! ', The British girl Emily tweeted.

This in the hope of warning the friend of the man. What he looks like, how many friends he was on the train, what time it was then, or the estimated age of this mysterious man does not tell them.

Despite many reactions and retweets, 'Ben' is not yet above water. 'He has not been found yet,' Emily says on Monday. 'I have had many messages- but no news. '

She also thanks all the people who have given her negative reactions. 'You are great,' she sneered.

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