'One must keep checking robot'

'One must keep checking robot'

Tech June 1, 2017 06:06

brussels - People should always maintain machine control. The EU must ensure that artificial intelligence (KI) is ethically accountable. The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) will deliver an opinion to the European Commission on Wednesday.

When and how tasks are entrusted to, for example, medical or healthcare robots, there must always be a human decision, according to EESC rapporteur Catelijne Muller. Whether it is acceptable that artificial intelligence endangers our security, privacy or autonomy must therefore be reviewed again. This also applies to 'smart' weapons.

Muller points out the benefits KI can offer in terms of agriculture, environment and safety and can even contribute to the eradication of disease and poverty. Due to the risks, the EU should be in the forefront of drawing up global standards and standards.

An ethical code is needed to ensure that KI systems do not affect human dignity and human rights, according to Muller. Also for the impact on employment, the EU must develop a strategy that is stated in the opinion.

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