One in ten funded Kickstarters failed

One in ten funded Kickstarters failed

Tech December 8, 2015 13:35

- Projects that do not meet their funding goal on Kickstarter investment site, often dying a slow death. Successful projects success, however, is not guaranteed.

About nine percent of the projects to achieve the planned financing did inside, still ends in a failure, according to research from the University of Pennsylvania. The promised products are not delivered or are not as promised.Projects with low funding goal, under $ 1,000, walk more spoke than projects that require more money. In addition, there are also a number of categories within which the failure rate is the greatest. Users who invest in a project that falls within film, technology or food products, are more likely than not they get what they expect than people who invest in projects such as music, dance and strip.The study involved over 47 000 users completed a questionnaire.

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