'Oldest woman in the world' says she has not been happy for one day

'Oldest woman in the world' says she has not been happy for one day

World May 16, 2018 15:33

moscow - She has recently become the oldest woman in the world. Koku Istambulova turns 129 years, according to internal documents of the Russian government, and was 55 when the Second World War ended. Yet she was not happy for one day.

Istambulova has known her homeland in many different forms. She was 102 when the Soviet Union collapsed. When the last tsar Nicholas II renounced the throne, she was 27.

Istambulova comes from a village in Chechnya. Her family was deported to Kazakhstan and Siberia after the Second World War, when Stalin accused the Chechens of Nazi collaboration.

How she could get so old, she does not know: 'I see people exercising, eating special things, staying fit, but I have no idea. It is God's will. I did not do anything for it. '

She is not happy. 'I have not been happy for a day in my life. I have worked hard, digging and hoeing in the garden. I'm tired. This long life is not a gift from God for me, but a punishment. '

Five years ago her last daughter, who had reached the age of 104, died. Istambulova does not talk about her children and the traumas. She lost, among other things, a 6-year-old son.

'What I know for sure is that my life was not happy. I remember German tanks past my house. We were hiding. It was frightening. '

The source of the claim of her age is the National Pension Fund of Russia, which is based on the passport that is internally registered. The date of birth is June 1, 1889.

Critics doubt its authenticity: Istambulova has suddenly been able to sharpen the record of oldest man in the world by six years. Verifying is impossible, according to foreign media.

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