Official earns 2900 euros per month with doing nothing... and is not happy with that

World November 27, 2017 13:42

names - A Belgian official has been receiving a net wage of 2900 euros for more than 15 years. What should she do? Well, nothing at all.

Dominique Detry works for the municipality of Namur. In 2000, the Walloon unjustly missed a promotion to manager. Then she was temporarily transferred to the provincial library of Namur. However, no task was assigned to her, but she is still there.

Detry says to a French-speaking Belgian television channel that her 'forced inactivity' has been very bad for the first five years. She sought refuge in crying and sleeping. In his own words, Dominique even tried to take his own life. Luckily her family and her doctor could prevent that. 'It took me the full five years to adapt to the situation. '

When Detry points out that it is 'quite comfortable' to get a salary of 2. 900 euros a month for nothing, she says: 'I have a salary to be jealous of, I admit. But the shame I have felt for fifteen years is immeasurable. I have felt very humiliated for years. It has been very difficult for me. '

When asked why she did not simply resign, the Walloon says: 'I am the head of a family. I am the only one who has to bring the food to the table. I simply have no strength, no energy and no more self-confidence. '

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