Obama to hold 'red phone'

Obama to hold 'red phone'

World December 21, 2016 09:21

new york - President Obama appears to be a month before the election to have used the so-called 'red phone' to directly warn Putin that further intervention is perceived in the elections in the US by the White House as an 'act of war'. That report US diplomats.

The president had a month earlier with Putin at the G20 summit in China talked about the cyber attacks. He used the hotline, a communication system that was set up after the Cuban Missile Crisis, much harsher words and said that international law is violated if Moscow would continue hacks.

Obama said earlier that the cyber attacks ceased after his meeting with Putin in China Russia. Something by the former chairman of the Democratic Party Donna Brazile moreover contested. About Brazile, former CNN analyst, is revealed in the WikiLeaks debate that they request prior to Hillary Clinton by playing.

The hotline between the White House and the Kremlin is not a red phone, as is sometimes shown in exciting films. It began after the Cuban missile crisis ever with telex machines to communications between the nuclear powers now easier, faster and more direct. Today it is more like a heavily protected direct email line.

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