Number of fire hazardous British flats runs

Number of fire hazardous British flats runs

World June 25, 2017 06:42

london - The cladding of dozens of flats in Britain does not comply with fire safety requirements, as evidenced by inspections. According to the British Government, 34 buildings are now spread over 17 different municipalities.

The British government plans to test six hundred flats for fire safety. Local authorities in the British capital released all five flats on Friday night because of fire hazards.

Thousands of people had to leave their home. Residents of a relatively small residential tower could return later, partly because that flat was provided with other fire-resistant doors.

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British minister Sajid Javid (Local Authorities) announces that if a building is not being tested, that does not mean that the apartment must be cleared. He said, according to British media, that the fire safety issues in the evacuated flats relate not only to the facade cladding. There would also be a lot of other issues, such as the lack of fire doors.

Not all residents of the vacated London flats are waiting for the measure. 'I have a young daughter, a woman, a cat and a job,' complained Edward Strange against the BBC. 'They said it will take four to six weeks. As the township that claims, it takes four to six months. '

According to the Camden County, 83 people refused to leave. The head of the suburb, where the vacated flats are located, acknowledged that the evacuation causes nuisance. 'But the Grenfell fire changes everything,' said Georgia Gould. 'We must do everything in our power for the safety of our residents. '

The fire in the Grenfell Tower brought 79 people alive. The fire is presumably created in a refrigeration freezer. The fire could then spread rapidly through the flammable facade cladding on the property.

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