Number of attacks in Turkey is growing rapidly

Number of attacks in Turkey is growing rapidly

World October 10, 2015 00:00

ankara - After years of cease-fire flared last summer's conflict between Kurdish fighters and Turkish police and army units in unusually fierce . Since late July , the number of bombings and attacks mutual rapidly. Saturday gathered near the main station of the capital Ankara people to protest against the armed conflict between the PKK and the Turkish government. The explosion that took place at that time, took at least thirty lives. A survey from July :

The conflict erupted on July 20 when PKK fighters killed a Turkish soldier and two wounded. From that moment, there were regrettable almost daily casualties. After little more than two weeks, all 21 Turkish soldiers and policemen were killed. The authorities also occurred between July 20 and August 8 eleven civilians by the violence.

A week later, the number of deaths among the security forces in the country had risen to 46.The biggest attack up to that point took place on August 19 in the province of Siirt, where one stone eight soldiers were killed when their vehicle was blown up. On 6 September, sixteen soldiers in Hakkari province, where the convoy which they formed part was ambushed. Two days later it was hit again.

Fifteen police officers killed by two bomb attacks, respectively, and Igdir Mardin.De Kurdish fighters declaring their attacks each from attacks by the Turkish army carries on their positions. In particular, the air force is then switched on by the government in Ankara. The authorities counted until Saturday over fifty attacks, which they attribute to the PKK. About the number of victims among the Kurds fewer figures are available.

About twenty of them died in the attacks that they committed since mid-July. The attacks of the Turkish army would certainly dozens of PKK life have gekost.Het number of casualties on both sides is at least several hundred.

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