Norway's richest woman is driving under the influence of a 25,000 euro fine

World November 17, 2017 15:45

oslo - A 22-year-old Norwegian student has been fined 30,000 dollars because she was driving under the influence. Quite an amount for a student you would say, but that does not apply to Katharina G. Andresen. After all, she is the richest woman in Norway.

According to Forbes, she has an equity of over one billion euros. Fines for driving under the influence are based in Norway on the offender's income.

According to the Finansavisen newspaper, the court of Oslo stated that the sentence could have been even higher: around 4.15 million euros if it were based on Andresen's assets. However, she has no fixed income. The court, however, increased the fine based on her estimated income. Andresen can not drive in the next thirteen months.

In 2007 her father gave her 42 percent shares in the family business. With this she became the two youngest billionaire in the world.

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