North Korea sends delegation to Winter Games

World January 9, 2018 06:03

seoul - A North Korean delegation, consisting of dignitaries, athletes and supporters, will travel to the Olympic Winter Games next month. South Korea announced this on Tuesday, after earlier talks on the two countries in the border town of Panmunjom earlier that day.

South Korea has proposed to reunite families for the Chinese New Year in February and jointly raise during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in the same month. The country also wants to conduct military consultations with their northern neighbors to improve the relationship.

Minister for Unification, Cho Myong-gyon, spoke on behalf of the South Korean delegation. He said just before the meeting to calm down the conversation and not rush things. The delegation was awaited just before the demilitarized zone by a number of delighted South Koreans. They waved flags, including those from a reunited Korea.

It was since December 2015 that the two Korean countries officially started the conversation again.

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