'North Korea earns a lot of bitcoin'

World December 12, 2017 13:57

pyongyang - The regime in Pyongyang does benefit from the strong increase in bitcoin. The communist country itself has begun generating the digital currency. That's what Lee Dong-geun, director of a South Korean government agency for internet security, said on Tuesday.

Also, market places where the crypto currency is traded are hacked by the regime. 'We do not know how much North Korea has stolen so far, but we do know that the police have confirmed the regime's hacking attempts,' he told CNN. In July and August, Kim Jong-un's citizens would have broken into at least four South Korean bitcoin traders through phishing emails.

The bitcoin is generated in North Korea itself by running special software on computers. Due to the appreciation of the currency, it has become lucrative to create special supercomputers that focus on this so-called 'bitcoin-mining'.

The price of the bitcoin does not seem to stop. The digital currency went up in the evenings on Monday and ended up on the platform coindesk for the first time above the $ 17 limit. 000.

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