No knockout in final debate round

No knockout in final debate round

World October 20, 2016 05:03

- The US gambling capital Las Vegas hosted many famous boxing fights, and with great excitement was now looking at a possible confrontation that would cause even more damage: the last presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The mudslinging was marginally less than in the two previous versions. Though there has been concern that Trump insisted he could lose, do not automatically deposit to congratulate the loss and his rival. Something that is a tradition in America to unite the country after a fierce election campaign. ' I see that at that moment, '' said the Republican presidential candidate.

The already divided country, seems even more drift apart these two controversial candidates. There recently has been much damaged by all the ugliness that was thrown together.

Trump believes if he loses that fraud was committed. This may mean that some of his supporters also will not accept the defeat.

There were more stabbing underwater between the two rivals on stage at the University of Las Vegas. So it came to the crunch when Russia came up. Both candidates claimed that their opponent is a puppet of Vladimir Putin as soon as The Oval Office, their new office.

Trump pointed out that Clinton in her time as Foreign Minister has never able to make a fist to the Russian president, and they undoubtedly leave over him walk as they enter the White House and that Putin no respect for her has.\n  \n  \n   advertisement

Clinton emphasized the friendly relationship between Putin and Donald Trump and suggested that the real estate tycoon is grateful for the hacks by the Russian government of emails from her campaign that was widely cited by Trump to attack Clinton.

Trump said that 'Putin is not his best friend,' but it can not hurt to get along well as the US with the Russians.

The debate was tight and disciplined led by moderator Chris Wallace of Fox TV station often receives criticism about the coverage of the American Left. Wallace showed both candidates are not easily get away with evasive answers. He also cut with the appointment of new Chief Justices of the Supreme Court and the mountain of debt issues that not much had been addressed, and the Americans certainly involved.

Both candidates do not always seem to show the back of their tongue. Trump interrupted Clinton less than in other cases. However, he shouted as Clinton claimed about him a couple of times 'incorrect' and he once said that the former First Lady is 'a wicked woman.'

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