Nibud : make pensions easier

Nibud : make pensions easier

World November 2, 2015 00:30

utrecht - More than half of the Dutch (60 percent) do not know if he has enough income after retirement to pay all expenses . Among this group are many people who can hardly make ends meet and people under 45 years .

In addition, three hindered in ten Dutch to settle their pension because they do not know where to start: they find it too difficult.

This is evident from the survey "The Dutch and their retirement 'from the National Institute for Budget Information (Nibud).

Here, the institute looked who is preparing financially for retirement and how they do it. The reason for the study is that people are becoming more responsible for their financial situation after retirement due to a retreat of the state, increasing number of self-employed and a changing pension system with more choices and risks.

NadenkenDat the group difficulty making ends meet is not concerned with his pension, they are not weird at Nibud. "Previous research has shown that only if someone can get around well, there is room to think about their finances for the long term," leaves a spokeswoman Nibud know.

It is also true that when the need increases as age increases, older people are more inclined to look at their retirement than younger people. But will people then get to work, it appears that the private pension arrange pieces proves harder than expected. "If people want to settle, let them stop themselves because they do not understand the material," explains a spokeswoman from Nibud. "That applies to everyone who has the right for each other, so for higher and lower educated," said the spokeswoman.

VerwarringDat it is so difficult, for several reasons. "Lately many reports about the pensions which causes confusion. Not surprising, because there are a lot of changes. "In addition to reading the letters from pension funds and the pension statements difficult, if people see them all. "The Uniform Retirement Messages to send funds, often by e-mail.

To read them, that are often required logins or passwords that people lose or forget, so there is no understanding and overview what has been built up to retirement. "The institute also recommends that pension funds and the government make it easier for consumers to get a picture of the finances after retirement. On my pension statement.

ie you should see the annuities and bank savings, according to the institute. In addition, pension funds must continue to send the Uniform Pension Statements containing the net amounts.

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