Newly-bred parliamentarians from AfD: Merkel is 'whore'

Newly-bred parliamentarians from AfD: Merkel is 'whore'

World March 24, 2018 04:33

berlin - The newfound parliamentarians of Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) insult and denounce that it is a sweet lust. They call CDU chancellor Angela Merkel a 'whore' and a 'dictator', and they place her face on toilet photos.

For her experienced party colleague Wolfgang Schäuble, who has been a member of the federal parliament for 45 years and is now the chairman of the parliament, it is bitter that the biggest opposition party behaves like a bunch of adolescents who fly out of the curve. The good name of the seven hundred-headed parliament is shamelessly thrown down.

The brand new chairman of the legal committee, Stefan Brandner (AfD), posted a picture of his toilet visit on Twitter. He had placed and photographed the ballot paper for the election of chancellor Merkel (CDU) next to two toilet rolls. That is punishable, which put him at a thousand euros fine. Brandner wrote about the photo: 'I just found it on the toilet. Who of the CDU was here before me? 'Underpants fun that according to many Germans fits a youth camp rather than the representatives of the largest EU country.

The indefatigable, democratically elected Chancellor Merkel is often the bitten dog at the AfD, who is regularly insulted by their leaders Alexander Gauland and Alice Weidel as 'dictator' and unfounded as 'Stasi-Angela' by their supporters. The chancellor was never a member of the notorious Staatssicherheit.

Another AfD politician, the chairman of the budget committee, called Merkel a 'whore'. Peter Boehringer now decides on the expenditure of 330 billion euros. The AfD leader in Saxony-Anhalt also made the fur. André Poggenburg called the four million Turks in Germany 'camel drivers and cumin traders'.

All no problem for Gauland. Nor did the AfD leader have any interest in his personal assistant until recently being a member of the forbidden Heimattreue Deutsche Jugend, the successor of the Hitlerjugend.

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