New nuclear emergency plan: iodine for all Belgians

New nuclear emergency plan: iodine for all Belgians

World March 6, 2018 12:03

brussels - Belgium has a new emergency plan for nuclear incidents. All Belgians can now take iodine pills at a pharmacy to protect themselves against the radioactive iodine that can be released in a nuclear power plant in the event of an accident.

The probability of serious accidents is small, on the new website nuclear risk. be. 'Sheltering is the best way to protect yourself. 'A European directive prescribes that member states inform their population about a radiological emergency.

In Belgium, nuclear material is used at five locations. The best known are the nuclear power stations in Doel and Tihange. Everyone in a radius of 20 kilometers is recommended to bring iodine tablets in the house. In the rest of the country, this applies to children, pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding. Companies, schools and nurseries also get the advice to have iodine pills at home.

In the Netherlands, iodine pills have been available since September for people who live less than 100 kilometers from a nuclear power plant and are under eighteen. Pregnant women can get the tablets from the doctor or midwife.

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