New Nest supports Opentherm

New Nest supports Opentherm

Tech November 17, 2015 07:15

- Nest is introducing its third generation of self-learning thermostat. Besides a new design, the new device support for Open Therm, a technology that ensures that the boiler temperature fluctuates less thus saving on heating bills.

About 75 percent of Dutch households have a OpenTherm boiler. One of the most frequent criticisms of the Nest thermostat was therefore that it did not support this technology. For owners of a boiler, the new Nest feature useful. Users can remotely via their mobile phone set the temperature of the water and warm-up schedule. If you forget to turn off the water heater when you're on vacation, you can do that app from the Nest. The new model is the same size as its predecessor, only the screen is 40 percent larger and has a sharper resolution (480x480). In addition, the motion sensor improves and the screen shall be set when the movement concludes. Users can choose whether they want to have the desired temperature in the picture or the time. There can be selected for an analog or digital clock. The new Nest is available from early December and has an MSRP of € 249. That is € 30 more than its predecessor. The price increase comes as Nest partly with more expensive components and partly by the weaker euro.

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