New lampposts 'bad for your eyes'

New lampposts 'bad for your eyes'

World April 3, 2018 08:42

amsterdam - The new generation of lampposts with LED light are bad for your eyes. The lamps can also disrupt your sleep.

That is the conclusion of the Ministry of Health in England. Hundreds of thousands of old lamps are being exchanged for LEDs at high speed. The new lights use forty percent less power.

Many people, as research shows, hate the bright light. According to the ministry, it is being examined whether the retina can also be damaged by LED, according to the Daily Telegraph.

An overdose of the blue light is bad according to the ministry. The association of municipalities in England warns not to look in the light for a long time.

Previously, it was known that many older drivers suffer from the advancing LED light in traffic. They complain of a temporary blind from the latest headlights.

Conversely, it is also the case that the person who uses the light himself has a clearer view than with old lamps.

The American Medical Association (AMA) recently warned the LED light could also disturb your sleep. The organization even linked it to obesity. The advice in America is to put the lights on a low setting if possible.

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