'New iPhone has touch sensitive home button

'New iPhone has touch sensitive home button

Tech August 8, 2016 13:42

- Apple's latest iPhone gets a home button that can measure how hard the user presses it. Reported financial news agency Bloomberg citing sources familiar with the design of the device. What features will be hidden behind this, is not yet known.

According to the publication will be called the phone 'iPhone 7 'because the company wants to get rid of the two-year product cycle. It introduces the numbered after each new iPhone 'S variant, 'as the iPhone 6S. The new device will therefore largely in terms of appearance are the same as the current iPhone.

The larger Plus version of the phone also has a second camera on the back. The cameras both make in another way the same picture, after the data are combined. This will make it possible to also faced sharp pictures in low light and can continue to zoom without sacrificing image quality.
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Finally Bloomberg confirms that the headphone jack is going to disappear. Apple is also wireless earbuds, though it will be possible to connect a wired headset using the Lightning connector on the device. There is also an adapter to connect to old-fashioned headphones.

It is not yet known when the new iPhone comes out, but presumably it will be announced in September and launched.

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