New images terror Paris

New images terror Paris

World November 19, 2015 07:15

paris - For the first moving picture surfaced of during the attacks in Paris last Friday. It involves surveillance video from a pizzeria on the rue de la Fontaine au Roi in the eleventh district, < / strong>, which has been criticized by one of the perpetrators with a Kalashnikov. It shows how staff and guests get a rain of bullets on him. People diving to the ground in agony. Glass flying around.

The video is in the possession of the British The Daily Mail. According to the newspaper, the eerie calm shooter, which is also a moment full screen, presumably the fugitive Salah Abdeslam (26).

The attack lasts just a minute. At that time, falling five people, including a man who at the time of the shooting just arrived at the restaurant. He would be shot in the back and on the spot, died on the sidewalk. Several people were injured, including a waitress who was standing behind the bar. A woman lying on the terrace on the ground and the Kalashnikov on her head gets focused only survives but by blocking the arms of the perpetrator or because his bullets on his. He sure shot thirty times.

The shooter then getting into a black Seat Leon, which will then doorrrijden to the rue de Charonne, where he and an accomplice nineteen people will shoot. When the wave of terror that day will eventually 129 people in cold blood are being slaughtered. 99 others get very seriously injured.

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