New global computer attack detected

New global computer attack detected

Tech May 17, 2017 15:33

washington - Computer experts have discovered a second global attack with hostage software. That reported the US Broadcasting Corporation ABC News Wednesday. There would be hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide, especially in the US.

The Proofpoint company encountered the new attack on last Friday research with Ransomware WannaCry. The virus host the computer and can be undone by payment of a repurchase amount in bitcoins.

The new, according to the expert's less noticeable attack, was used, as last week, by the technical resources developed by the US NSA Spy Service.

The hunt for the creators of WannaCry is in full swing. According to security experts, it is best to find the cornerstone of organized crime. In the Financial Times, John Bambenek of Fidelis says that the perpetrators are to be found. 'They have put themselves on the radar at all detection services. If I can take a guess, I'll take care of organized crime, 'said Bambenek.

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